Eat Your Breakfast

Monday is upon us and it is time to prepare for the job. Maybe you woke up too late now that you think about skipping breakfast ! Stop, rewind and re-examine . This is wrong! Do not do it! Before anything else, let me share with you some information that will make you do better, and have breakfast in the morning! In this position, you will discover that the body makes when you skip the most important meal of the day. You will learn why it is best to turn you into a shepherd and eat small meals throughout the day, and you will learn that by small adjustments , you can return to your ideal weight !

I remember my grandparents today , to hear stories about the Great Depression. At that time it was very difficult for the time they save and store as much as possible because they did not know whether money or food will not be there in abundance in the future, so that the best thing to do when you record and store . Well , it was at the time because it was a goal to store and save ! When it comes to your health and nutrition , however, we do not want to take the same approach as our ancestors did in the depression ! No, on the contrary, when it comes to live a happy and balanced life, and we must do what we can to ensure that the body does not store and keep the food we eat . That is why we need to have breakfast !

Did you know that people who eat a balanced diet consisting of whole foods , fruits and vegetables, and tend to weigh less than people who skip the breakfast in the morning? Yes, this is true. You will generally weigh more and have difficulty maintaining weight if you skip breakfast , instead of eating a good balanced meal in the morning and eat several small meals throughout the day

Here is why. Have you ever tried to take a trip across the country on a quarter tank gas ? Of course not , you know you would never do! The same can be said about your body. The body is more efficient when it comes with the right fuel . When you skip the breakfast, your body goes into hibernation mode, and when you eat , it will store food instead of using it as fuel. You will notice that people who skip meals often complain of gaining weight and being depressed about it and for the vicious cycle to continue for the rest of their lives! Conversely, when you eat a reasonable breakfast , turn on the metabolism of the combustion of fuels and start using the food you eat ... purpose it is intended for fuel ! Personally, I found that juice is an easy way to increase my intake of fruits and vegetables.