The Complete Beck Diet For Life

Here is a book with the word diet in the title, but it is not dieting? Written by Judith Beck, a psychologist, which calls for the use of "cognitive behavioral therapy" to "help the brain to think like a thin person." Beck, the daughter of Aaron Beck's father Cognitive behavioral therapy has written this book as a guide to teach you how to solve problems through the development of goals and change the way you think.

Throughout the book, Beck refers to the two "muscle", as "muscular strength", and "give the muscle." So when you are presented with a challenge, he says, chocolate, for example, will have all of the muscles fight each other. You have two options "give" or promote your "muscle power". Develop the skills necessary to enhance your "muscle power", you'll be more likely to withstand poor choice of food in the future.

Explains Dr. Judith Beck also how people overweight may think differently food from thin people.

- You confuse hunger with the desire to eat

- You do not have the difference between your feelings and your need to eat.

- You do not recognize feeling full.

- You really do not know how much you eat.

- I hate skinny people, and I think it is not fair.

- The completion of the diet after weight loss.The issue for most of us is that we've followed diets but without the skills and mental thinking needed to actually succeed or maintain any success we may have had in the past. The Beck Diet Solution's key to success, is not the diet itself but the ability to incorporate successful behaviors and skills and stick to the plan.